An Entryway Bench, the Ultimate in Home Design

An entryway bench is great furniture to have for many reasons. One obvious reason is to allow you and those visiting your home to sit and take off their shoes (or put them on). But more then that, if you need a storage space, then you must look into an entryway storage bench. First and foremost it is a beautiful furniture and very practical.

An entryway furniture could fit any style including contemporary, cape cod, Victorian, colonial etc. The variety is wide and prices vary from low $100 to the thousands. To mention a few:

– English Isle Bench – Refine the style of your bedroom or entryway with the English Isle Storage Bench. This comfortable storage bench captures the essence of traditional home decor but maintains a simple design. Cost $199

– Landon Storage Bench – Bright and soothing in a soft natural fabric the multipurpose Skyline Furniture Landon Storage Bench in Natural provides you with extra seating and storage space all in one handy piece of furniture. This basic bench features a cozy cushion on the flip top, which opens for easy access to the ample storage space hidden within. Cost $199

– Brown Mahogany -Seat Bench. Enhance the traditional artistry of your home with the Brown Mahogany Storage-Seat Bench. This convenient storage bench is adorned with spindle legs round finials and an arched back that looks like a cottage windowpane. The seat lifts up to reveal a large storage compartment for blankets crafts or odds and ends. Cost $199

– Powell Mission Black Hall Tree with Storage Bench – Keep your entryway tidy with this beautiful and unique hall tree with storage bench. Upholstered Black faux textured leather cushion is removable. Seating area flips up to reveal a large storage section. A back panel with mirror and four Mission Grey hooks are perfect for coats and hats. More about Powell furniture Based in Culver City. Cost $499

Where should you buy a good quality entryway bench?

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The Cape Route 62

Towns to be found on this wonderful wine route:

Prince Albert

The Cape route 62 is famous for being South Africa’s longest wine route. But this route; and all the towns one can find to be bound to the other through splendrous vineyards, also have other elements of wonder and beauty, only to be found when one diggs just a tad deeper into the colorful history of each town.

This magnificent stretch of route combines three of South Africa’s greatest sceneries:
Klein Karoo, Winelands, Bree River Valley.

Now, we revise a few hints of what awaits all who are pulled magneticaly by its majestic wines and scenery..

This town, nestled between the great, mysterious mountains, was named after the Marquis of Worcester, who was coincidentaly the eldest brother of the Governor of the Cape in 1820, Lord Charles Somerset.
Worcester became a municipality in 1842.

The first magistrate of Worcester was captain Charles Trappes, and it became quite fitting that the centre of the town was a magistary.

The oldest building to survive from that early Worcester, is Kleinplasie. Built in 1800, Kleinplasie was the homestead of the farm Roodedraai.
Kleinplasie was restored in 1977, and is now an office..

The town has an open-air museum, named after this austere-looking farmhouse.
The Kleinplasie open-air museum is home to many traditional industries, all of which are carried out in the museum.
Bread baking by flour ground by the watermill,
Witblitz making, etc.

Worcester also features the KWV brandy cellar, the largest in the world1 There are 120 copper pot stills in the giant distillery and the aroma of Brandy is rich in the air.

A fertile piece of land, perfect in every way to produce rich, lively wines.
The Robertson banks of the Bree River are packed with rich, alluvial soil. This, and the shales further from the river provide excellent soil for Robertson’s famous Muscadel grapes. These superb desert wines grown from Robertson’s vines include the Red Muscadel, and the Muscad d’ Alexandre (Hanepoot).

It is for this reason that we can well understand Communion wine for the Dutch Reformed Church originated from this area.
Robertson is also home to another defined favourite, as it has the largest Brandy distillery in South Africa!

This small, beautiful mountain pass town was named after John Montagu, the colonial secretary in 1851. Greatly illuminating the warmth of this town is the hotspring nearby, with a temperature of 35,5C.
Montagu is also loved for its apricots and is a fruit and wine centre.

The Montagu Museum is agriculturaly themed and features rather outlandish antique stink-wood furniture.

Montagu also features South Africa’s greatest Mesembyanthemum flowers.

Barrydale was established in 1882, by the Family of John Joseph Barry. This town is renowned for its apples, peaches, apricots, and Brandy.
A Famous site just outside of Barrydale is the Anna Roux Wild Flower Garden.