How to Select the Window That Fits Your Home’s Style

You can find a lot of articles about window furnishings and window treatments online. They discuss everything from drapes and vertical blinds to romans and roller shades.

And that’s great. But everyone fails to mention the most important design feature in any home – inside and out – the windows themselves!

It’s easy to see that windows are an integral part of the overall “look” of your home. Just stand outside and look up, or stand in any room and look around. You will instantly see how much wall space is devoted to the windows. Have you noticed how your eyes are drawn to the windows too, and not just for the view outside?

Windows are more than pieces of glass. Their shape, size, style and the finish of the frame speak volumes about your house. They can make or break a room. And that is why color and finish are important.

Think of your windows as framed works of art. The wrong frame can really detract from a picture, while the right frame can make all the difference. You wouldn’t put a beautiful old portrait in a brushed stainless frame, just as you would never put an abstract painting or a modern poster in a heavy baroque frame.

The same effect happens with windows. An older home with a distinct architectural style should have windows that complement the home. We all notice when a beautiful older home in the neighborhood, gets replacement windows that just don’t match… It’s just not in keeping with the style and sticks out.

But, thankfully, replacement windows don’t have to be “one style fits all”. Today’s custom manufactured windows are made to fit your exterior and interior home design as well as your window opening. They can be made just for you, however you want them, because quality window manufacturers know homeowners need choices, such as the choice of two different colors or finishes in one window-one to suit the exterior of the house and one to suit the interior design of the room.

For example, a classic white trim might be the perfect choice for your Cape Cod cottage, but those interior rooms could probably benefit from the warmth of wood. So you can have white exterior trim and a wood grain finish such as oak, pine or maple inside to match your flooring or to complement your furniture.

And while white is classic and versatile, let’s face it, it’s not always suitable. Try another shade on the exterior, such as forest green, and still have your warm wood trim on the inside. The choice is yours. Today’s window manufacturers offer an astonishing array of colors, tones and finishes to suit every taste and designed to enhance every home.

Quality window companies are sure to have design consultants on their team. With an eye for detail and harmony, a window design consultant will help you choose the perfect color palette and show you all the options available, so you make the right choice for each room and for your home, inside and out.

While it is important to dress up your windows with just the right coverings and hardware, it’s equally important to choose the right window first. You really can have fun choosing replacement windows these days because of the myriad options out there now. In fact, you might not even want to cover those windows once you see them installed. They will be so beautiful; you’ll notice they are a design element all on their own.